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R​ela​x Receive Rejuvenate with Reiki

Connect to your Spirit through Reiki

Reiki Sessions

60-90 minutes.

Reiki session is given in my Reiki studio, on a massage table. Client is fully clothed.

Investment of $80-120

Dis​tant Reiki

Distant Reiki knows no time or space.

I will connect with you, the client, anywhere in the world.

It is beneficial for you, the Client to be sitting or lying down, to promote relaxation. Distant Reiki will be given 50-60 minutes to align your Chakras and any other areas I am guided to give. Afterwards I will connect again, to discuss and check on client's state of blissful being.

 Investment of only $50  (during the pandemic) 

3 month Package

Reiki Rejuvenation 

What you will receive as we work together over 3 months: 3 separate 90 minute, in person Reiki sessions, including before & after discussion.

3 -one hour Distance Reiki Sessions including feedback.

6- scheduled 10 minute Check in Energy calls. 

Multiple sessions prove most beneficial. Healing is a process, not an event.

Investment of $600.00. 

To be paid upon first booking.


for Seniors

60 minutes.

Reiki session is given in my Reiki room, on a massage table. Client is fully clothed.


Reiki Session for Seniors in YOUR Home

I will come to your home (Private dwelling, Retirement Centre or Long Term Care Home) for your Reiki Session. Can be given in reclining chair, wheelchair or bed. 

More convenient and comfortable for those who do not drive or cannot manage stairs.


Reiki Session in your Home

Some Clients who may not be able to leave their home for various reasons, may enjoy this option.

An hour Reiki Session in your home. A quiet area, large enough for my massage table, is beneficial.


Mikao Usui's Philosophy

"There is no limit to the quality & effectiveness of the Reiki energy available in the Universe 

and an important purpose for all students

 is to continually seek to improve the quality & effectiveness of the Reiki energy one is able to channel."

Why work with Me?

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