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R​ela​x Receive Rejuvenate with Reiki

Connect to your Spirit through Reiki

Dis​tant Reiki

Distant Reiki knows no time or space.

I will connect with you, the client, anywhere in the world.

It is beneficial for you, the Client, to be sitting or lying down, to promote relaxation. 

 Investment of  $90 for 90 minutes inclusive of connecting with client first,  session ~ Distant Reiki will be offered for 60-75 minutes and  afterwards connecting again, to discuss and check on client's state of blissful being, either right after or next day.

Mikao Usui's Philosophy

"There is no limit to the quality & effectiveness of the Reiki energy available in the Universe 

and an important purpose for all students

 is to continually seek to improve the quality & effectiveness of the Reiki energy one is able to channel."